Final days of operation.


It is our greatest regret that we have to advise that as a result of the upgrade to the Overseas Passenger Terminal our family business Peter Doyle @ the Quay's last trading date will be Sunday 1 June 2014. To all of our fabulous diners we extend to you a very heartfelt thank you for your wonderful support over the years and we will miss seeing you and are grateful for your friendship shown to us in so many ways.

Our Restaurant was made all the more special to us by the wonderful staff that worked with us and in particular the dedicated service of our Front of House Managers Alan Bond and Lea Anderson who can handle any situation with great aplomb and never missed a beat at their chaotic posts. Alan has been with us since we opened in 1987 and his enormous efforts and his ever calm demeanour over the years will not be forgotten. Lea joined us a few years later and she too has been a great contributor to the success of the restaurant and we will be forever grateful to the both of them for their skills.

Our special thanks also to the back of house staff. Sarf Khan our Kitchen Manager's organisational skills are second to none who always managed to pull our hectic kitchen together day in day out with unnerving calm and a smile on his face. Our Head Chef Ilya German has been a creative force and excellent team leader to our a dedicated team of chefs and we are very grateful to him for his efforts. The majority of our staff have been with us for many years and their dedication was what made our business so special and we are personally devastated that we are closing the door to their employment.

As you can imagine our abrupt and unforeseen closure has come as a great shock to us and to any of our clients that have made bookings beyond the 9th June 2014 we will be in contact with you personally to apologise for not being able to accommodate you and all deposits will of course be refunded promptly.

Sadly yours, Gayle, Robyn and Sharon Doyle

Final days of operation.


Since announcing our closure, we have been inundated with your well wishes for which we are very grateful. We are also pleased to confirm that it is business as usual for our now infamous 3 Ugly Sisters wine range and we are working hard to upgrade the new website which should be up and running by the end of next week. In the meantime if you would like any information of our current wines in stock please email us at and we will send you our latest Newsletter.

Salute - Gussy, Christobel and Cordelia